"Some people dream of success...
             while others work hard at it."

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Project Management

Digiway Ltd offers high quality project management services for various industries (e.g., ICT, energy, audiovisual, travel & hospitality, professional services). Our advanced lifecycle management accomplishes even the most challenging projects from the project initiation to the closeout.

Whether you need a dynamic team leader or a team of experts to create, execute and/or maintain a plan, you can rely on our experienced professionals.

We have successfully consulted and managed projects for large companies (e.g., Nokia, NSN, TeliaSonera) as well as for smaller companies.

E-commerce & Online Services

Whether you want to engage your online audience with the captivating and user-engaging audiovisual content or simply increase conversion, our in-house expertise is at your service. We have been implementing e-commerce and other online services for various industries since 1994.